Research has shown that rice is a staple food in Nigeria and the regular consumption of white rice may have an adverse effect on blood sugar balance hence, the consumption of white rice may have be unhealthy for individuald with diabetes. It was in view of these health challenges that the Embryo Retaining Rice milling machine wa designed. The embryo retaining rice is a healthier rice brand with lower carbohydrate percentage, better nutritional properties for consumption by even individuals with diabetc tendencies.

Joseph’s Farm Agrocultural Enterprises Limited (JFAE Ltd) is pleased to present this Revolutionary Rice Milling Machine – the Aerodynamic Embryo Retaining Rice Milling Machine to the Ministry of Agriculture. JFAE Ltd is the exclusive distributor of the Embryo Retaining Rice Milling Machine across Africa. The Embryo Retaining Rice Milling Machine produces rice with up to 95% embryo. The Embryo-rice is good for health. The machine has been successfully installed in many Asian and European countries. We look forward to working with the Ministry of Agriculture to accepting this technology for the production od healthy rice for Nigerians. We welcome your request for quotation and presentations.


Soil properties vary from one location to the other. Therefore it is very important to determine the suitability of a soil for an intended agricultural project. The mobile soil testing kits is a soil testing technological device which assist a farmer to sample, analyze and determine soil component, nutrients levels and other soil properties such as soil pH, Nitrogen (N), Potassium (K), Phosphorus (P) etc. With the aid of the mobile soil testing kit, a soil sample can be easily tested to determine suitability for specific agricultural purposes

The soil fertility levels, nutrients deficiencies, potential toxicities, and traces minerals are all determined. Land degradation could be also properly monitored by the use of the device.  Our mobile soil testing kit is portable, easy to operate, very reliable and accurate.


The Rural farmers account for the greater part of the population of farmers in Nigeria. However, most farmers have poor knowledge of the basic nutrient constituents that is required for the healthy growth of their crops. The minority of the rural farmers who understand the importance of soil testing often have some difficulties associated with poor agricultural structures, distribution and access to soil testing laboratory. However, with the mobile soil testing kit, each farmer can carry out a soil test to determine the suitability of the intended farm land after a mini-training session on how to use the technology.  Considering the benefits associated with the use of Mobile Soil Testing Kits the technology is best for our rural farmers.


  1. It is fast and easy to understand
  2. It saves time, resources and manpower
  3. It is portable
  4. It has multi – testing function
  5. It is affordable
  6. It is accurate in result generation
  7. It is backed-up with customer support manual
  8. It serves as a mobile laboratory
  9. It’s diagnosis guarantees healthy and consistent crop yields when after- instruction is judiciously followed.
  10. It helps to get soil ready for next seeding
  11. It is cost benefits to peasant farmers
  12. It helps to minimize the quantity and different types of fertilizers to be used after diagnosis